Why Goat Milk?

What makes handcrafted goat milk soaps so great? Milk Splash Image

Essentially, it’s the ingredients handcrafted soaps lack, such as artificial hardeners, detergents and chemical surfactants that strip the natural oils from our skin and then for what is added.

Milk based soaps have recently been rediscovered, largely due to the current research on milk proteins that is teaching consumers about the way skin benefits from contact with whey protein and lactic acid. Lactic acid, a natural source of Alpha Hydroxy Acid helps smooth skin by gentle exfoliation, and goat milk also has Vitamins A and D, whose benefits include giving skin strength and suppleness. The PH of goat milk is very close to the PH of human skin. This helps protect the acid mantle layer on our skin which in turn, protects our skin from bacteria and harmful chemicals. The naturally occurring glycerin in handcrafted soap helps to deliver the nutrients of goat milk deep into the skin while acting as a humecant which draws moisture to our skin. Goat milk soap can cleanse the skin down to its deepest layers while conditioning and protecting our skin.

Modern Science has now proven what Cleopatra already knew and she was famous for her beautiful complexion!

Thanks to modern science soap makers can utilize the understanding of fatty acids and their effect on our skin. With this knowledge, a good soap maker will blend oils in specific combinations to make a soap that will be nourishing to the skin.

This is the goal of Mariah Country Soaps™, to make soaps that are mild, nourishing and never drying.

Our premium goat milk soaps are made with the finest ingredients from farm-fresh goat milk and food grade oils, to the best essential oils money can buy. We then superfat our soaps with moisturizing and healing oils such as apricot kernel, avocado, grape seed, hemp, jojoba, shea butter or sweet almond oil for a treat your skin won’t soon forget!

Oh and don’t forget the Goat Milk!

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