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Making Custom Soap, Goat Milk is Key Ingredient June 29, 2011

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our products

“Hi Sheree, Your lovely gift basket was filled with a variety of your fabulous handmade products and I feel so lucky to be the recipient of your kind largesse from the Montana Metaphysical Fair. I use your Boo-boo Balm on a little scratch on my finger and in two days it is amazingly healed…the Thieves Rub is a treat from the old wisdom…I have shared the Lavender Hand Lotion with my clients…I can’t wait to use the Lavender Soap and Facial Serum and the Good Oil and all the other goodies that you make….and much love to your goats!!!!”

~Kassandra ~ Kalispell

“Hi, Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your soaps. Fresh, handmade soaps without chemicals have become a favorite of mine, especially goats milk soap. I have tried many and yours are the best. A year ago I had purchased some other soap at a horse expo and they were horrible! They felt hot and just weird. They turned me off handmade soap until I saw Mariah Country Soaps at our local Poppy Festival this past spring. The presentation was so nice that I was tempted to try again and purchased several sample sizes. That’s when I fell in love! Nice fragrance but not overwhelming, good lather and rinse and they last well unlike some that are gone in a day or two. And very moisturizing for our desert sun. Our local feed store had a nice display on the counter of your soaps and I later purchased a bunch there. I then looked at your website intending to write a long over do note to you thanking you for your great soap. That’s when I learned you had left our area and gone north to Montana! Very best of luck in your new home and please keep your website going. I need my soaps!”
~Thanks again Sheree, all the best, Judy

“Hi Sheree! My story I wanted to share with you..I have been seeing my dermatologist since January. I have had some skin cancer removed.. So I have been going often . This last week I went in and we have been addressing spots on my face.. My doctor asked when I had Botox done. I told her I hadn’t , she asked what have I had done. I told her nothing. She said my skin is looking so much nicer and asked if I was sure I hadn’t had any line fillers.. No I have not. Driving home thinking about it… The only thing I have done different since the first of the year on my face is your good oils and over it I use your goat milk lotion .I know I have noticed a huge difference and obviously so has my skin doctor!! Again thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful products. I will be placing a order soon.” Have a wonderful day!

“I’ll be honest, I’ve always thought of goat milk soap as a funny thing to put on your body. But once again, I’ve done a 180 degree turn toward the natural world! These soaps are awesome. I have completely given up shampoo and conditioner, I simply have no need. I’ve struggled with a dry scalp my whole life but now it’s all gone! I use the soap bar as body wash and shampoo! No more dandruff. My wife has cut her lotion use in half, to say the least, because the soap leaves her skin moisturized. I can’t say enough about it. No toxins, good oils, and great smells. I will never buy a detergent bar from the grocery store again. Thanks Guys”
~Jeff ~ Kalispell

“I feel blessed that I found you!! It’s obvious you love what you do, your masterpieces are the best!!! I will be bringing my nieces to the Poppy Festival to see you. I’ll also treat myself some more. Also I picked up a couple of your bars yesterday here locally.. I love sharing your awesome products!!!
You are the best!!”
~Billie ~ Palmdale, Ca

“Let me tell you about my experience with Mariah Country Soaps… I was given a free sample just before Christmas after speaking with the salesman for a few minutes and detailing my problem with scented soaps. To be honest I was sceptical about it, I’ve tried several soaps over the last couple of years with varying results most of them horrible. I tried it the next morning and immediately noticed some significant differences, it didn’t burn the rash I’ve been fighting on and off for 2 years and it washed clean very easily didn’t feel like any residue was left behind. I noticed a difference after 2 showers in the rash it felt and looked like it was healing. Seriously the best Christmas present this year. As I continued to use the soap other things became evident my skin over all felt better and my alligator elbow has cleared up too. I had been having frequent attacks of hives with stopped completely. Maybe it wasn’t the scent but some other chemical they put in commercial soaps. I’m so glad I stopped at their booth that day or I’d still be suffering. Thank you for making such a great product!”
~Carol Harris ~ Rosamond, Ca

“The goat is adorable but the lotion is even better.
Very soft, smooth and it healed my chapped hands!
~Ellen ~ AV resident

“I like the goat milk soaps because they are good quality and have a pretty scent.
I believe in these difficult economic times, Americans should support their local businesses and craftsmen.”
~Sheila Bigalow ~ Lancaster, Ca

“To everyone,
This soap is the best stuff I have ever used. It is helping me with my psoriasis.”
~Brendan D. ~ AV resident

“The soaps have made my skin smooth and soft.
They have made a difference in my skin!”
~Sonia Carrillo ~ Lake Los Angeles


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